James Reimer

See a recent video of James discussing his recent trade to San Jose.  Watch starting at 4:40 where he talks about Ramona and Ramona’s Reach!

HNIC After Hours Interview with James Reimer

James’ Connection with Ramona’s Reach
Ramona’s Reach has been very fortunate to partner with James Reimer, goaltender of the Toronto Maple Leafs. James grew up in Morweena Manitoba, very near to where Ramona lived. Ramona married Earl Reimer who is James’ cousin, and who James looked up to as a mentor during his growing up years.
Just 7 months after Ramona and Earl got married, Ramona was diagnosed with a fast growing sarcoma, cancer. She fought hard to beat the disease because she had so many dreams to live for; especially her dream to go to Africa. This dream was a calling she felt very strongly about, and had a great desire to help the disadvantaged there. After a 3 year heroic battle with cancer James heard about Ramona’s failing health, and came to visit Earl and Ramona in palliative care in the hospital.
Ramona’s dream to go to Africa did not become a reality, but we can make a difference in Africa in her honor. After Ramona’s battle with cancer and her passing, James joined the friends and family who decided to make Ramona’s dream of helping the less fortunate in Africa a reality.

Significance of the Heart on the Mask
The yellow heart, along with the words, “Ramona’s Courage” adorns the back of James’ helmet is there to remind him of
how courageously Ramona fought to live, and how hard her battle was. He knows that if Ramona could walk the difficult journey of cancer with a positive attitude and her head held high, he can keep playing, keep getting better, and keep working hard even when things get rough.