Pamora Project

Far North, situated between the border of Congo and Uganda lies a small village called Pamora. As a result of the devastation the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) has left, AIDS, poverty, disease, drinking and other elements that threaten life, it is estimated that one thousand children are orphaned or living in poor home situations. In November 2010, we met with community elders, church leaders and government officials within the community of Pamora and were given 5 acres of land to build a children’s home and the blessing to continue to develop the land to meet the needs of the community.

It is our hope that this home will not only meet the needs of the children, but the entire community of Pamora. Together we can help change the lives of children and even an entire village.

In March, 2011, a team went over to put in the well and water pump. In March, 2012, a truck was purchased to haul  building supplies from the city and the initial construction of the children’s home began.

There was a small group of pastors who had been praying for two years, regarding the need of taking care of the orphaned children in the northern part of Uganda. Ramona’s Reach in partnership with the Canadian division of Action International Ministries, and the pastors in Pamora, are working to see Ramona’s vision of a children home being built fulfilled. Through these visions coming together, and others joining us in this journey, the orphaned children of Pamora will have a place to call home and be orphans no longer.