Pictures & Videos

Pamora April 2014


This is a video of our trip to Pamora in March 2011. On this trip we established relationships as well as began the process of planning for the children’s home to be built for the orphans in the surrounding area. We also hired a well drilling company to drill a well for the people of Pamora. It was amazing to see the joy and excitement on their faces as they watched the fresh water coming out of the ground from their new pump.



This is a presentation that John and Carol did at the Morweena School after their trip in 2012 to start building the orphanage.  They explained the pictures as they presented.  However I’ve added music but here’s a brief overview of what’s happening in the pictures

The first picture is of Ramona Reimer the inspiration behind Ramona’s Reach. The picture was taken just under a month before she passed away. The next several pictures are of the team and heading to Uganda Africa. When they arrived they went to a slum in Jinja where they had some amazing experiences and met and loved on many disadvantaged people. Then they took a bus to Pamora. Some of the pictures show their accommodations and different people they interacted with while there. Then the pictures show the foundation of the orphanage that was built before their arrival. Then shows as the team works hand and hand with the people of Pamora village in beginning to build the orphanage. We had hired local contractors to do the work but it was really cool to see how everyone pitched in even if they hadn’t been officially hired. The team made incredible progress in the one week that they where there. Then the pictures show different African animals they saw while on a safari during their stay in Africa. They did an African safari roughly 1 1/2hrs from the village where the orphanage is being built. Then the presentation closes with a picture of Kyle & Casandra a couple from U.S who have been living in Pamora village for 5 months. It then ends with a picture of John and Carol.