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From Ray Petkau….
A few weeks ago I won the Ramona’s Reach raffle prize – a trip for 2 to Florida complete with spending money, flights and a 1 week stay in a Condo in Groveland, Florida (30 minutes from Orlando). What a great prize! Although it truly is exciting to win this prize, I simply cannot accept it and have decided to raise more money for Ramona’s Reach by selling it to the highest bidder and donating 100% of the money back to Ramona’s Reach. While I’d love to enjoy a trip like this with my family, I just can’t accept it from a charity/cause that means so much to me personally, and I feel I can honor my dear niece by donating it back to the cause. For anyone who is curious, here is where the money goes – www.ramonasreach.com

So, we’ll keep this casual but we need to have some rules:

Bids must be submitted on Facebook in this feed to allow everyone to keep track. We’ll open this up for public viewing if you want to share it. Bids on behalf of someone who’s not on Facebook will be accepted, but again, they must be posted on here.

Bidding closes on Oct 3rd, 2016, a week from today at noon CST. Payment must be made within 7 days, and I in turn will make an equal donation immediately to Ramona’s Reach.

There is a reserve bid of $1000 (a fraction of what it’s worth), with bid increments of at least $50.

I’ll give the 2nd highest bidder a pair of Moose tickets for a game this season, just for playing along

Don’t worry, be happy! – if you didn’t get the trip, that means you have some extra cash sitting around… I know of a few really good charities who wouldn’t mind a little extra help! It’s easy to donate! www.ramonasreach.com

The Trip:
$500 CDN cash
2 return flights from a major Canadian airport
7 night stay in Groveland, Florida condo – many winter weeks remain, but the holiday season and spring break are not available. If you’re wondering about a specific week before placing your bid, please ask.

Below is the original info that Ramona’s Reach posted before the draw. Happy bidding!

Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/110062019340527/ to bid!!

We are selling raffle tickets to help raise funds for our children’s village! We have printed 400 tickets and the winner receives:

-7 night stay at the Vidir Machine condo in Groveland Florida, (30 min from Orlando, FL) see pictures and map below, (dates subject to availability, however there are as many as 50 available weeks throughout the year)

-Flights for two to Florida

-$500 CAD Spending money

Tickets will be for sale at the Ramona’s Reach Hockey Tournament, after the tournament they will be available from Ramona’s Reach board members.


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Florida Condo 001Florida Condo 002  Florida Condo 005 Florida Condo 013 Florida Condo 014 Florida Condo 028

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