The Children

In February, 14 more children moved into the children’s home. Not all of these children are true orphans. We are working with the most vulnerable children in the area surrounding Pamora. In the local communities, and in Uganda in general, these children are considered to be “orphans”. We have found that many of them have some loose ties to family, extended family, or community connections, even though they currently do not receive adequate care. In light of this, we are putting more emphasis on becoming a school that cares for the most vulnerable children. The children’s home is also a boarding home where children from the most vulnerable situations stay while school is in session. We will care for them and educate them while advocating for permanent family ties and long term plans for each of them.
We are looking for sponsors to help us care for the children, as we provide food, clothes, and education. If you are interested in partnering with us in this capacity, please let us know.


The current group of 24 orphans living in the children’s home. They just received their new Ramona’s Reach shirts!

These are the children currently living in the children’s home.

The initial group of 11 orphans.


The nanny putting the orphans clothes out to dry


Orphan girls with donated dresses

Updated: January 10, 2017

We are very excited to be starting a sponsorship program for all the orphans! Click on the pictures of the children to see their sponsorship info and more information on each child.  Currently all the children are sponsored but we are planning on bringing in 13 more orphans by early February then hopefully 10 more by the end of 2017.

Updated: July 14, 2016

A group of 11 orphans have moved into the children’s home!  We are housing them as boarding students and sending them to the new school while we wait for legal paperwork and court orders to come through.  Once all the legal documents are in place we will be starting a sponsorship program to help support the children.

We are very excited as we have been working for years to bring children into the children’s home!  However, with bringing the children in comes a bunch of financial commitments as we have to pay for staff to look after the children, to cook for them, as well as day to day expenses, such as food and clothes.  If anyone is interested we would love to have more people donate money monthly to help support Ramona’s Reach.





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