The Dream

Ramona Reimer was a passionate woman who died of cancer at the age of 26. During her life she felt a special call to go to Africa and help the less fortunate, especially orphans. As she was fighting her battle with cancer, she still believed she would go there one day. Her faith, love and her vision for Africa became stronger and stronger as her battle continued. After a 3 year courageous battle with cancer she passed away on Nov.27/09.

After Ramona passed away her family as well as close friends decided to accept her  dream for the less fortunate of Africa and continue to pursue it in her memory.  She has passed the baton on to us, and amazingly doors have opened for us and people have felt called to help with the vision for Africa. Now her dream has become our dream, the dream to help the disadvantaged of Africa.

Through a unique set of seemingly miraculous circumstances a parcel of 5 acres of land in Uganda, Africa was donated for Ramona’s Reach. The logistics and connections were initally made through an organization called Heartstrings World Mission whose mission is to connect the church with the needy and opressed. Together with the leaders in Pamora village, a three phase plan for the children’s village was created.

First we decided to drill a well for the village.  When we first went to Pamora the villagers walked approximately 1 mile to a well to get fresh water. Unfortunately in African standards, 1 mile isn’t very far to go for water.  However the well wasn’t able to adequately support all the people who relied on it, so it was common to wait in line at the well for hours. So through grass-roots fundraising we raised approximately 10,000 Canadian dollars to dig a well on the 5 acres of property that was donated to Ramona’s Reach.  In March of 2011, a team went out to Pamora, Uganda to see the well being drilled from start to finish. What an awesome experience to see the villagers so happy and excited about the new well, and to see Ramona’s dream beginning to come true. The well was drilled to a depth of 202 ft and the company drilling the well said it’s the best well in the area!

The village of Pamora is perfectly situated to have a children’s home (orphanage).  The local people have a real heart to help orphans in the area. The problem has always been that they don’t have the finances or the facilities available to properly house or care for them.  Pamora is located approx 30 minutes from the village of Dei, Uganda; which sits on the border of Congo and Uganda.  Often mothers in Congo knowing they can’t provide for their children will bring their children to the border village of Dei hoping they will have a better life in Uganda.  It has been estimated that 1000 of the 2000 person population of the village of Dei are orphans.  It has always been our desire to come alongside and assist the people of Africa rather than dictate to them how things should be done.

Before we had left for Africa to drill the well we had commissioned a local engineer to begin drawing up blueprints for the children’s home in Pamora.  Little did we know that he would get carried away.  He along with the village leaders had many meetings and discussed what their dreams were.  They came up with a whole village that could be used to serve the children. We definitely saw the wisdom in their long term plans of not just providing a place for the children to be housed but also a place were we could teach them, train them and help them break the cycle of poverty. They came up with a three phase plan.

Project Outline:
Phase 1: (completed)
• Well
• Tipper Lorry Truck
Phase 2: (completed)
• Ramona’s Children’s Home
• Kitchen for the children’s home
Phase 3:
• Administration Building/Housing for Missions Teams
• Church
• School (currently being constructed)
• Medical Clinic
• Agriculture Development

So we continue to work.  We are excited that we finally have the children’s home up and running.  There are currently 11 orphans living in the children’s home, hopefully it will be around 35 orphans by the end of 2017.

Even though the people of Pamora are extremely poor they pooled their money and sent some of the the locals to school to be childhood educators, we have hired some of them to help us run the school.  We have 7 teachers that are currently teaching at the Ramona’s Reach school.  The orphans as well as the local children attend the school and are being educated. They are so excited…