The well in Pamora has struggled to keep up with the water demands for the last several months. With up to 200 people on the Ramona’s Reach property everyday as well as the people of the community also using the well daily the demand on the well has become to great. Often the well will go dry and people will have to wait for several hours before there is enough water to continue pumping.
So yesterday we began surveying the ground and hope to drill another well very soon. This new well will become the well for the Ramona’s Reach project and the current well which was drilled by the first group visiting Pamora in 2011 will become a well to be used by the local community.

About Us

Ramona’s Reach began as a dream in the mind of Ramona Reimer. Having worked with children in Haiti, Ramona’s dream was to work at an orphanage somewhere in Africa. Sadly, she lost her life in 2009 at age 26, after fighting cancer for three and a half years. Her family continued her dream through amazing circumstances and have been building a faith-based orphanage and education centre in Pamora, Uganda ever since. 

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